Pet Portraits

All paintings are in oil on canvas.  I can paint full face or body and face dependent on what you would like. Size and orientation of the canvas (landscape or portrait) will determine what can be done. Please also think about where you might hang the painting in relation to size and orientation. I paint from photographs and I will certainly have an idea of what might suit when we settle on a photograph/s that you wish to use.

It is important to remember that I use the photographs as reference material and whilst the painting will look somewhat like the photograph it will not be the photograph nor an exact replica of your dog/s but an interpretation. You can help me here by supplying as many photographs as possible of a suitable high resolution. 

It is important that we settle on one pose and setting before I begin your commission.

Please contact me for further information on pricing based on what you would like.

Oil portraits are painted on different stretched canvas types depending on whether you want an unframed contemporary look or a framed more conventional look. Gallery Style stretched canvas is about 35mm deep and does not need framing. I paint the edges. Slimline Style stretched canvas is about 18mm deep and is recommended if you want to have your portrait framed because the framer will be able to offer you a wider selection of styles to choose from.  Their is no difference in cost.


Non refundable deposit of $150 to be paid to cover materials to be made at the time of commissioning. Balance is payable on agreement to complete.

I will complete the painting to a stage at which you can either view the painting usually via email. At this point you can make suggestions of changes you would like made, within reason. If at this point you do not like the work or I feel I cannot meet your needs I will stop and return your deposit. I would not expect anyone to pay for a work they do not like. However once you have given me the go ahead to complete the work I will expect full payment.

Completion time       

4-6 weeks. If you are contemplating giving a commissioned portrait as a gift please allow plenty of time especially if it is for Christmas.